Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Point Of View

In the corner of shadows where do we belong? The part where we became the enlightened but cast out as the damned. Unspoken truths hidden as whispers under the blankets of the world's view. Publications open to the eye but overlooked by the observer. We crave a time for change, but all in expectations of a hand out. Are we forbidden to make our own creations and attune to something new? Or are we blindly following the pack to the slaughter house. Surrounded by prayer wishing for an escape out of our own creations. Where do we begin and end in a life that revolves around circles. Laws that contradict themselves by their own constitutions, food that sustains life but toxic to the system, a hope for a free land that was founded on illusion, religions that claim salvation only to be judged by its followers, a spectrum of colors that melt and blend only to be singled out as a hue. Once again we fall back to where we started. Unable to move forward because in our heads we are still concurring the past. You will not find change within an institution, organisation, or idols. Change occurs only in the hearts and dreams founded by the will of an individual. As the dreams were shared the shift developed in the hearts' of all.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Humanity is an experiment of consciousness. What you feel in this moment someone else feels in the next. Chained links connected to a whole that create a bigger picture. To see the picture you have to see yourself apart of the whole. No matter how unique you think you are, you are still a fraction and it is those around you that make you whole. ...So where does humanity lie? Dust and dirt being recycled back into the earth waiting for the next cycle to arise. There are great moments that have been foreseen for humanity. We are close enough to imagine a possibility, but far enough away for this thought to become matter. You have to be involved in life to evolve in life. The separation we choose for ourselves is our resistance towards others. Pulling and pushing like the waves in the ocean. The moment we find ourselves in the eye of the storm is the quick breath before we return back to chaos. As the chaos creates movement the storm mellows out and we find our self again in the same place but yet everything is different. The darkness is carried away by the wind and the sun comes to kiss the earth for a brighter day. Our ability to cross the line of separation is our gift towards humanity. Looking at each other as if we were gazing in a mirror. Collecting the courage to forgive and reinventing ourselves into the person we choose to be.