Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Perception of Beauty

"Spark of Consciousness"

Seeing beauty is viewing the essence of the soul. The original spark of your flame. I see this in everyone. If I encounter you, I meet everything about you. Not the secrets or shields that are put up but the essence behind all the bullshit. Lol we all have bullshit that we pack on like layers of clothing. The truth is when have we ever really just stopped and ask the questions like; Who am I? What do I believe? How do I  feel? or, even do I dare How do you feel? These are questions that should be asked simultaneously throughout the day. Instead our heads are filled with drama, stress, and worries. I am here to tell you to let it go because carrying that load is only going to hold you back." Back from what? " you may ask. Here is my answer, "From everything you desire." Sit with that let it brew inside you ........................................................ I'm not going to lie it feels like shit. Why do we choose to surround ourselves in this gross, foggy, yuck? You don't have to, no one does. All it takes is a change of perception for your whole world to become a different place. A world of synchronicity and wonder. The funny thing is it has been right in front of us this whole time.  We look right through it as if it didn't exist. All it takes is the eyes of a child as if you were to view the world for the first time. Where Ounce upon a time is the story of your life .... well that depends how far down the rabbit you want to go, but it's there for you if you want it to be. Mirror mirror on the wall I am a reflection of you all. Everyone has that same original spark if it's a being it has it. The spark of creation is one of a whole, each is unique and equal at the same time giving, receiving, and exchanging. No good no bad just giving, receiving, and exchanging. Sounds pretty simple right? That is where emotions come in. Oh good old emotions understand them for what they are, they are there to emphasize the experience. They are here to make it real to feel what it is to be apart of an infinity. Try not to attach emotions to experiences but to see it through all colors of the spectrum. Analyze the experience take each perspective and know it has the same importance as your own. Remember this is my own perception. In no way is right or wrong but it is a creation of my reality and I wish to share it with you.  You are bold,  beautiful,  fiery, burning essence of life with more colors than a pallet or spectrum could ever hold and within those colors you sparkle like a sunlit sidewalk. Underneath that is everything you ever loved. The illumination of a thought. Acknowledge the beauty that I see in you know how truly beautiful you really are. :)